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Ask Me:

F. A. Q.

  • What if I need documentation services not listed on this website?


Please contact me for consultation, so that Blue Geisha Documentation LLC can assess your request and tailor a documental package or service for you. (see Hire Me page)



  • What if I want some tips to enhance my documentation skills and approach?


This company's developing a blog soon that will provide high-level guidance and strategy on effective documentation (see Blue News)




  • What determines you're quote pricing on the quote?


Quote pricing is determined during the assessment of the:

1.) Document service

2.) Turnover time requested

3.) Materials needed to complete the request 


Please see Hire Me  or Contact for quote




  • Ok... I've submitted a request. Now what?


Once a request is submitted to / received by Blue Geisha Documentation LLC, the Business Process is typically as follows:  


1.) Acknowledgement Notification is sent to customer acknowledging the request


2.) Request is assessed by BGD LLC.

(BGD LLC may send a follow-up questionnaire to the customer during this phase, to further clarify a his/her request)


3.) Quote is submitted to customer for signature approval. The quote also notifies the customer of the mandatory one-time Retainer Fee or Upfront Deposit


5.) Proposal is drafted and submitted to customer for signature / confirmation.


4.) Retainer Fee and/or Upfront Deposit is submitted by customer to BGD LLC via Paypal


5.) BGD LLC receives Retainer Fee or/and Upfront Deposit sends receipt to customer. 


6.) Strategy/research for appropriate service to apply for the customer's request.


7.) Analysis of any customer documents (supplied at time of request)


8.) Services are completed, notification sent to customer on status.


9.) Invoice is sent to customer.GD LLC receives funds from customer via Paypal.


9.) BGD LLC receives remainder of full payment from the customer via Paypal


10.) Document product is emailed to customer.




  • Can I reserve services?


Sure you can! I strongly advise this.

Due to customer timeframes and deadlines, a reservation of documentation services is often needed to/for:

1.) Ensure your needs are properly analyzed 

2.) Your document product has adequate turnover.




  • What is a Retainer Fee? What does it cover


Generally there is a flat, one-time retainer fee of $32 which the customer pays to reserves documentation services for a requested timeframe/period.


The retainer covers the document service/package analysis.


(This may be disabled during promotions)



The Retainer fee is Non-refundable.




  • I have a rather huge and/or complex request. Is that extra?


After assessment of this type of request, an Upfront Deposit may replace the Retainer Fee. (Please see previous question on document process)


The Upfront Deposit is 47% of the quoted price of the document service being requested and is due from the customer BEFORE the start of work. 


The Upfront Deposit is Non-refundable.




  • What are the turnover times?


Turnover time is determined by:

-  The request assessment

-  Customer deadlines

-  Company service calendar/schedule 

-  Materials needed


The customer is notified of an estimated turnover timeframe/date after the request is assessed and customer concurrence/approval on the quote.




  • How long is the quote good for?


A quote is valid for 3-business days or 72 hours




  • What is needed before services begin?


Blue Geisha Documentation LLC MUST receive a signed / valid proposal or email concurrence and the Upfront Deposit and/or Retainer Fee from customer within 1-2 weekdays of submission date to customer. Work will start after receipt of above.


This allows me to get the proper tools, material, and strategy needed to fulfill customer requests.




  • Do you sell or use my information? How?


Blue Geisha Documentation LLC does not sell information. (Please see Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more information on use of customer information)




  • Can I get a refund or cancellation, please?


Customers wanting a refund or cancellation of services must submit a claim via email. Refund/cancellations claims MUST BE submitted within 24 hours from receipt of the document product.


Only the monetary amount submitted after theUpfront Deposit and/or Retainer Fee will be refunded to the customer. 


A 8% Processing Fee may be deducted from the refund amount/credit for processing fee.


Refunds may take up to 3-business days to be credited back to customer's account.


If you would like to file a Refund Claim please contact the founder, Ashley Jones, for the necessary Refund Claim forms and process.




  • I have reviewed the finish product submitted to me by Blue Geisha Documentation LLC. BUT I still want you to tweak some things about it.  Is that even possible?


Blue Geisha Documentation core's is "Ensuring Documentation Excellency". And with that, we guarantees a no-charge high-level surface revisions provided within 2-business days of receipt of document product / service.


A $15 Re-assessment Fee will applied for a complete reassessment of documentation delivered/worked on by Blue Geisha Documentation LLC, due to customers modifying request




  • Can I preview my work?


Yes you can!!! Please see the new service feature added, Service Snapshot 




  • What is the Work Product Policy?


The Work Product Protection Policy is emplace to protect my work on your service/product until full payment of such. Please see Service Snapshot for more information. 




  • Where can I find the latest on Blue Geisha Documentation LLC and its services?


There will be new developments in services and promotions for customers, and expansion plans going forward in 2015.


Check out the Blue News page for the latest!!! 















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